About Us


Exum Pecan Company is a fourth generation family owned pecan orchard and shelling business. My name is Linda Exum and my husbands name is James Exum.

Together we raised two sons on the farm and instilled in them a love of our South Georgia land, farming and growing pecans. They blessed us with four granddaughters and two grandsons, and we now have two great grandsons and have three more great grands on the way.  Farming, raising cattle and growing pecans is more than a job, it is our way of life and a heritage that our family hopes to carry on for generations to come. Our roots run deep in the rich South Georgia soil and it has been such a blessing to see children, grand children and great grands grow, walk, play and work in the same

orchards their Daddys grew up working in. Our son Chris and wife Myra are full time farmers growing cotton, peanuts, fresh vegetables and pecans. The two grandsons, Blake Exum and Lance Exum are fully involved in the farming, pecan production and shelling operation. The granddaughters have worked in the pecan processing and sales through high school and college and even though they are pursuing careers off the farm are still involved in the pecan business as needed. Best of all any given day you can come by the pecan barn and find one of the precious great grands playing in the store front or my office helping Papa and Nana work. Our dream is for them to continue this pecan business long after we are gone. Our prayer is the pecan industry will be strong and profitable for them so they can carry on this family tradition.

Our product name, Natures Gift came from a pecan tree in our first orchard. James could not determine the variety of this particular tree. As it grew, the tree had exceptional qualities, was disease resistant and made good pecans every year. He felt like this particular tree was just a gift from God and he named it Natures Gift. Trees from this line have been and are a mainstay in our orchards, and we carry this name on our Shelled pecan product and candies. 

We sell only high quality, new crop pecans each year. We grow the nuts, harvest them ourselves, bring them to our cracking and shelling facilty where we process the pecans. We sell the majority of our pecans in the shell. But we shell and package some of our highest quality nuts for your baking needs or just eating fresh from the package. We are adding a line of candied pecans this year that we think are just some of the best you will ever eat. My orange glazed pecans are a recipe that my mother used every year when we made Christmas candy. My Mama , my three sisters and I , four sister in laws and a pot load of grandchildren gathered every Christmas to make all the decadent candies and pecan treats. We made chocolate balls with pecans of course, fudge with pecans, brittle, and pecans pies. Such sweet memories. This is what we hope to share with your family. Just a simple taste of tradition, heritage, love and family.